Ben Liebrand was also the first DJ to have a NON-STOP mix show called “In The Mix” which ran late at night on radio Veronica,

This show ran from 1983 to 1985 and was later followed by a weekly minimix on a prime time spot on radio Veronica.

These Non-Stop Mixes and minimixes set the standard for many to follow, and introduced the term “thuismixer” meaning “Home-mixer” in the music business. Many of these minimixes are now becoming available on The Ben Liebrand Collectors Editions

Ben was the pioneer in this field of mixing and remixing for the dance floor and experimented with all forms of signal processing including pitch-transpose to match the song key back in 1983, filtered tracks back in 1985, reed relay triggered samples in 1986. That was also the year Ben started to make remixes in a tempo other than the original songs tempo. This first mix took Freeze’s IOU from 120BPM down to a 107BPM swing feel mix.

Ben is also one of the very few people in the music business who does his own programming, arranging, keyboards, engineering, mixing and mastering.

1983 was the year when Ben made his first GRANDMIX for radio Veronica which set the standard for all yearmixes to follow. Since 2000, the annual grandmix has returned and is now featured on Slam FM and is also available on CD.

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