Whether by land, by air, or by sea, if you have a need for couture beats, DJ Alexia can turn any event out in style. A thirteen year veteran producer, re-mixer, DJ and radio personality; Alexia is a sexy, international talent who continues to significantly contribute to the electronic dance music scene.

Her style consists of energetic lounge and dance house mixes infused with vocals and a splash of funk and jazz. A vibration that serves as the perfect compliment to any event. The groove begins at the rim of your martini and subtly beckons you beyond…to a place where freedom of expression becomes the mantra of the night.

Her many accomplishments include:

7 years Resident DJ, Supperclub, Rome, Amsterdam, San Francisco. (www.supperclub.com).

Nightclubs appearances :
LOS ANGELES: Purple Lounge @ Standard Hotel West Hollywood, Glam Slam (Opening concert for Prince), Grammy Awards Opening For Macy Grey After Party , Does Your Mama Know, Axis, Viper Room, Pulse, Logic, Roxbury, Martini Lounge, Mixx Club, Banshee Beverly Hills, High Society , Prague, Blue Velvet,Pulse After Hours, Skybar, Club Beige, Arena, Fire House,The Gate.Insomnia After-Hours.
SAN FRANCISCO: EndUp, RubySky, SupperClub, Cat Walk, 1011 Folsom Club,
Love Parade 2009/ 2010, SoundFactory.
MIAMI: Niki Beach, Swirl, Bash, Liquid, Bar Room Mansion,Opium Garden.
SAN DIEGO: Velvet.
NEW YORK: Speed, Limelight.
AUSTIN: Club Lift, Cage.
Tour in RUSSIA: Club Shanbala, New York Club (Moscow). Decadance (San Petrsburg)
ITALY: Gallipoli Beach (Mako, Praya,Quartiere Latino.) Goa, Fitzcarraldo, Central Park, Peter Pan, Cocorico’, Wish, History, Doc Show, Cassero, Sky/Mantra.
Spiagge Bianche Beach festival 40.000 People Event Summer
Circo Nero Land Tour, Cruise Tour .
FRANCE: Circus-Cannes. MIDEM Show Cannes BELGIUM: Culture Culb(Gant) Cafe’ D’Anverse, La Rocca (Antwerp) Cruise To Pleasure, Red&Blue Brussels.
LONDON: DTPM, Club, Pacha’.
AMSTERDAM: Power Zone, DTPM Amsterdam , Supper Cruise, Supperclub, Zebra Lounge, Mercanti, Dance Valley Festival.
SWITZERLAND: Casino’ De Montreaux- Montreaux, Prestige. Bern, New York- Neuchatelle.

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