DJ Chester

Ben González identifies himself as DJ Chester, but he is also known for being one of the greatest exponents of the Garage scene on the island of Tenerife. He began to DJ and collect music at the age of 13, going through various styles deeply rooted in the island such as Breakbeat Hardcore.
Meanwhile, in the south of the island there were several trendy clubs such as Bobby’s or Busby’s that stood out for the freshest and most international sound of the moment, the UK Garage.
In those last years of the 90’s, Tenerife was the same as: summer + English tourism, being the perfect combination for this music to hit so hard on the island and reach people like him.
The concern to know more and want to learn everything about this movement was enough to make the decision to move (musically speaking) to the English universe and become what many consider “an expert” in the genre.
Like all fashions, the colloquially known “2Step” faded into the Tenerife night at the beginning of 2002, but DJ Chester has remained true to his style, wearing it as a flag during all these years at private parties, clubs and renowned events. at the island level.
All my support and respect for those who continue to love the UK Garage.

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