Jackie Allsorts / DJ, Presenter

Jackie Allsorts shows

Jackie Allsorts AKA ‘Daddy Vinyl’ for his love of vinyl, and his vast record collection on both plastic, (and digital).

Host of Full, Fat & Funky.  Which was a household brand in the UK Soul scene, Jackie has a classic but eclectic knowledge, and style of selection, admired by many.  Bringing his no playlist style to Boogie Bunker Radio, he plays them as he pick’s them! and he is unlikely to change, his format.

Jackie has been a host of a number of Live Events for BBR, North Lancs Soul Festival, Wellingborough Soul Festival, and Fun in the Sun, would not be the same without Jackie Allsorts.  Full, Fat & Funky will be back for 2018, and Live on Boogie Bunker Radio, bringing LIVE Soul nights back to the UK & Worldwide!

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