Los Dos (Biniroks & Red Bill)

Biniroks is a DJ/aspiring producer with 16 years experience from Manchester,UK. Red Bill a DJ/Promoter with 6 years experience, from Le Tréport, France.
2014 -The first meeting at The Together Festival in Carmarthen, South Wales, UK, where Reelhousetv hosted the VIP arena.
They still play every monday 6/9pm GMT live and visual on www.reelhousetv.com
They continued to work together in the UK.Playing at various clubs and bars.Static nightclub, Revolution & Baa Bar Deansgate Locks.
2015- They now stay in France where they begin a new chapter of there musical journey.
Creating a brand ‘House Of Love’.They begin to create special events with live performers and musicians.
Holding a summer residency at ‘Le cafe Plage’ and performing on the main stage at ‘Le Murmure De Son’ with Aurel Percu (Live Drums).
The winter was a residency in the ‘Oh La La Cafe’,with various themed events with sax,drums and piano.
2016- Biniroks & Redbill head over to Ibiza for the summer.
They quickly find there feet landing residencies at local bars in San Antonio.Ibiza has opened many doors and they have now played at some up and coming venue’s from ‘RIO’ to ‘The Panda Room’—Beniumussa Park, with the likes of Jean Paul Getto, Sarah Main, plus the Zoo Project Residents.
They also held a rotated residency for ‘Zoo Project’ -Playing on its weekly boat ‘Noah’s Ark’ and on the biggest party boat of Ibiza ‘Oceanbeat’.
But the highlight for this summer season was playing at the Es Vive Hotel with the creator of one of the biggest brands in House Music ‘HedKandi’ and now ‘Fierce Angel’ Mr Mark Doyle.
Winter 2016 a decision to take on a new challenge and move to Tenerife.
Now in Tenerife until the present day. Djing and finding reisdencies in different locations across the Island.
Firstly playing in the very popular Kaluna beach bar in San Eugeno.
Then a few winter months in Le Club, Fanabe.
The summer has been spent as residents of a new bar/club in Las Americas called ‘Lava’. Here is where they have made there mark on the Island, giving a totally different atmosphere and vibe to a bar that is in the heart of a commercial area. This has attracted many locals to the bar who would not normally come to this part of the Island.
They now look to expand on this success and bring this energy and good ambience to many other venues…
Let the music play

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