Reset- Luciano Acuna

I act as a DJ. I like the production of electronic music and producing remixes, I adore mixing classic and new sounds, I prefer the adult audience, healthy and fun, who have a sensitivity for good music. I am an advisor and technology trainer for the DJ, I have done work-shops and exhibitions in different parts of the world.

I was born in Argentina, I have lived in Bariloche, Buenos Aires and Rosario, working as a DJ in discos, I moved to Brazil in 2000, I have created groups of Promoters and DJs for summer events, I was a manager and DJ of discos on the Island from Florianopolis, southern Brazil. Since 2008,

I have traveled from Patagonia Argentina to Ibiza, passing through different countries presenting my DJ sessions. I also develop projects for companies in the sector and I have trained more than 50 Djs in different parts of the world, currently in the Canary Islands, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, I have lived since 2012 and I have already performed in different Live Dj scenes and created Event Brands . I am conducting the production of a Podcast-radio, for CoworkDj, an agency that I direct from my position as DJ and manager.

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