Let’s talk about Housemusic. Techy, Funky & Disco-ish. Exactly the styles the name Sugarstarr stands for. Already since 20 years now. Both as a DJ and a Music-Producer this lad from Vienna (Austria) spreads his message worldwide already since the late 90s. As the one half of the Duo Syke’n’Sugarstarr he already started taking us on his Musical journey for a few years. But now it seems he wants to bring it to the max. His agenda is prepared to delight us with even more of his enormous music in the future. Upcoming, in 2020, he celebrates the 20 years existence of his project, happening with a worldwide club-tour and a string of re-releases of his biggest tunes, beside brand new material and stunning collaborations. As a DJ-Artist Sugarstarr started his career back in the late 80s already, when the Housemusic-Era was born and blowing up globally. Since that time he’s infected by the energy this type of sound emits. His style was always versatile and freakish, but mainly finely balanced between Nu Disco, Vocal-, Deep-, and TechHousemusic. Sometimes peaktime-driven, the other times more classic and slightly minimal. But always funky, housish and soulful. Just to fulfill his duty as an ambassador of stylish dance-floor-pleasing. And the ladies – they still love it. As a producer and composer Sugarstarr has a run at the moment. He’s regulary in the top regions of the charts with fresh sounding releases on labels such as Big Love Rec. headed by Seamus Haji (Defected Rec.) as well as other top notch imprints he’s currently starting to work with. One of his biggest single-releases “Hey Sunshine”, out on Enormous Tunes, was one of the most played Ibiza’s Anthems, as well as #1 in the Beatport-House-Charts for more than 8 weeks in a row. Currently the track is ranked in the Top 25 of the Best-Selling-Tunes on Beatport of all time (!!!). And – „Hey Sunshine“ was – since it’s release – highly supported by colleagues such as Oliver Heldens, Claptone,

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