BBR heads North? North Tenerife!

Boogie Bunker Radio has now been broadcasting across the South of Tenerife on 87.7FM, for the past 6 months. Bringing to Tenerife its brand of Modern & Classic Soul and Dance music. It has always been the plan of the Station to expand across the the whole of the island of Tenerife. Anyone who has visited the island, would know that the landscape of mountains makes this difficult and costly.

However the success of the station on the south of the island, made it imperative that the station found a way of bringing the station to the whole of the island. We have therefore decided to expand the station and extend the range across Tenerife, and include the North of the island. This will need an addition frequency for our listeners in the North of Tenerife 90.2FM BBR Tenerife, and from April 1st 2019 on 107.7FM BBR Tenerife

Alongside our currently available frequency in South 87.7FM BBR Tenerife

BBR Tenerife

Boogie Bunker Radio will continue to broadcast across Tenerife on 87.7FM & 90.2FM from 1st March 2019 (and 107.7FM from April 2019). We would like to thank the people of Tenerife for supporting BBR Tenerife, and it is our hope to continue to bring our brand of Radio to the island of Tenerife and Worldwide on

BBR Tenerife Weekly Schedule 2019

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