Boogie Bunker Radio is ever looking to improve not only it coverage across Tenerife, it also aims to improve sound quality, and listener options.   This means bringing new and innovative ways for you to listen to your favourite shows.

From the 7th November 2019,   BBR Tenerife will be available on DAB (9C).  Tuning your device accordingly will bring you BBR Tenerife, with digital sound.

This will mean that FITS 2020, in January will be broadcast across the south of Tenerife in DAB.

In our continued effort to bring our listeners the best music, events & much more! We will continue to maintain our foothold in the UK, and with this mind, we have appointed a New Station Manager Sara Jane Rundel.

Sara will be bringing new events, and ideas to the role, as well being one of a handful of female station managers.  Having worked in the UK, and Europe. She brings a wealth of experience to the role, as well as being, one hell of a Soulful Sista!



Boogie Bunker Radio is now available via My Tuner

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