Boogie Bunker Radio/BBR Tenerife FM have now been transmitting on the Island of Tenerife for the past 6 Months.  During this time we have spent this period, coming out and meeting our audience, and bringing our station, and it presenters to meet you the listener!  We have done this, not only by our current schedule on radio? We have brought the team from our UK Station & The Team in Tenerife, have also been out and about across Europe, and Tenerife Spreading the BBR Mantra.


But we don’t intend to stop there? We are not like other Stations!  For us at BBR the most important things are the Music! Then the Listener! We understand that both must be in unison for a station to be successful, and this has been the reason for our success, thus far! We hope to continue to maintain this, and continue to meet our listeners, and take on board your feedback!

With this in mind, we will continue to bring YOU! The listener, Great radio programming, More LIVE Broadcasts from Events in the UK, Europe, and of course Tenerife! Take a look at some of our forthcoming events & Live Broadcasts….

We will not stop there… We start 2020 with a BANG!! Fun in the Sun 2020!!!

Tenerife’s biggest Multi-Genre event, Brought to you by Boogie Bunker Radio in Partnership with Tenerife Buzz!  The New App for Tenerife.. All you need to know about Tenerife? In your Pocket!!

Download the app Now!!!

For further information on any of the above events, or to subscribe to the website?

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Boogie Bunker Radio/BBR Tenerife FM.

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