We are a month away from ‘Fun in the Sun 2019‘ in Tenerife.  This year it will be hosted with the assistance of Tenerife Buzz, the new app for Tenerife.

Boogie Bunker Radio & BBR Tenerife 87.7FM will bring you some great events, at some of the most stunning venues across the south of Tenerife.  We begin the Weekend of events at Finca Serena (Granadilla).

Friday 18th January 2019, will see a Welcome Event 9-2am in the Finca, it will also be an opportunity for those staying on site, to not only take in these amazing surroundings, but also dance into the night, under the stars in Tenerife.  This event will be hosted by Boogie Bunker Radio UK & Tenerife.

Under the Star’s Weekend

Saturday afternoon will see the start of 24 hours of non-stop music setting the scene for the biggest party ever held at Finca Serena! We have even flown in some great Headline Act’s!

From the USA DJ Legend ‘Lenny Fontana’ alongside UK House Legend ‘Terry Farley’ With a DJ & Artist Line-up never seen in Tenerife!! This promise’s to be the party of the year.  Which will keep you dancing in Sunday afternoon!

Under the Stars Line Up

Saturday will also see you spending the afternoon at the beach? if your not otherwise occupied in Finca Serena! Saturday afternoon will give you the first chance to see ‘Terry Farley’ Who will be Guest DJ at Le Club (Playa Fanabe) alongside Aitor Robles (BBR Tenerife & Le Club) & Guests.  This fabulous Beach Club has been a FITS Venue for some time, and hosted some of the best parties the club has seen in Tenerife.

Le Club is also the venue for Sunday sunset, where we will join 2 Robles, JJ Williams, Rob Randell Alongside ‘Lenny Fontana’. And Joining the party, From Italy, Jazz-funk Combo ‘Camera Soul’ Singing some of those hit songs, on Fanabe Beach! Bringing to a close the weekend!


Then on Monday….

Fun in the Sun 2019 

Monday see’s the start of ‘Fun in the Sun 2019’ Across the South of Tenerife.  It will bring together some of the islands top venues, and bring together some of the finest UK & Tenerife DJ’s. Full programme details via www.boogiebunkerradio.com/events

FITS 2019 Headline Act’s

Fun in the Sun is a week-long event, across various venues in the south of Tenerife.  Venue’s include: Hard Rock Cafe (Los Americas), Le Club (Playa Fanabe), Hard Rock Hotel (Playa Paraiso), Loft, Coffee & Food ( Parque Santiago 6), Monkey Beach Club (Adeje) & Ocean Rocks (Los Cristianos).

FITS 2019 Venues.

So how can you be a part of FITS 19?

If you’re in Tenerife in January? Then it’s very easy… Purchase a ticket for ‘Under the Stars’ via our Ticket outlets (Ticket Arena or BBR Website, & Tenerife Buzz app) or Purchase a FITS 2019 Wristband.

If you live outside of Tenerife? You will need a FITS 2019 Wristband (£40.00) also available at the above Ticket outlets & Tenerife Buzz app.

What is a FITS Wristband?

Most of FITS 2019 Venue’s offer FREE Entry! However some venue’s although free, have additional service’s such as Bali Bed’s etc.  Wristband Holders will receive discounts on these service’s, as well as discounted Food & Drink at some venues.  Wristband holders will receive FREE entry to ‘Under the Stars’.

What else does a Wristband do?

This year Boogie Bunker Radio alongside Tenerife Buzz, a new app for Tenerife.  Will turn your FITS Wristband into a digital wristband?  Your Wristband will be integrated in to the Tenerife Buzz app! Your wristband will be turned into a QR Code, and a Voucher which can be used to not only redeem discounts at venues, but at shops and Business’s across the island.

Not only will the app show you where you can redeem discounts, it will also become your guide during FITS Week! The map within the app is powered by google, and therefore will assist with directions etc, it will also give you access to an added feature! ‘Drop a Pin’ (available in January 2019).  For those of you visiting Tenerife for the first time? You will be able to ‘drop a pin’ at up to 5 locations, and you map will return you to your Car, Hotel, Apartment, or your favourite restaurant, or boutique!

How do I know, what’s on & when?

Thanks to Tenerife Buzz App, not only will all the locations of events be visible on the map, within the app! But if you turn notifications on your mobile device/phone! The app will send you a push notification each day.  The app will notify you of any changes of venue, should weather require.  Last year, we had a delay! as the sand on the beach was too hot!! This caused a 2 hour delay, any delay… Wristband holders will be the first to know.

Do we book our trip through BBR?

We do not book flights or Accommodation! We do have a Travel Consultant: 

Gemma Holderness: https://www.travelcounsellors.co.uk/gemma.holderness We suggest that you find a package that suits your needs between the dates of FITS 2109.

Will Brexit have an effect?

As this trip takes place prior to March 2019, Brexit will have no adverse effect on any travel! However, it may be your last chance to travel to Tenerife Visa Free?

Do venues have disabled facilities?

We have made arrangements for all venues to have Wheelchair access.  However, to insure that access, and assistance is available.  Please inform the venues prior to arrival.

Can children attend event’s?

All day time venue’s are child friendly, However NO Children will be admitted after 11pm.

What are ‘Secret Events’?

Secret events are events’s which are outside of the FITS 2019 calendar, but are supported and recommended by the FITS 2019 Team.  These Events will be hosted by BBR DJ’s & Guests, and are FREE to FITS 2019 Wristband Holders. These will be added to the map and Wristband Voucher is valid for entry.

When is the App available?

Tenerife Buzz is currently in Beta Testing! What does that mean? Such an app is really technical, and is made up of lots of directories, and controlled by the map.  One of the Key features of the app is QR Codes!

These codes allow the app to securely store vouchers, and tickets, and allow you to redeem them via the business’ on our map.  Another purpose of the app is to enable the user, as well as our subscribers, to update their profiles daily, further to give users the opportunity to benefit from offers, and discounts! Prior to your arrival in Tenerife.

The app is current still being tested, and is available to android users to download via the Google Play Store.  Due to the high standards required by the Apple Store, the app will be available in the store this weekend. 

How do I use my Wristband?

Fun in the Sun Wristbands, can be either purchased via the app, or from ticket sellers.  The purchase will be turned into a voucher exclusive to the user, and digital device.  This voucher is in QR Code and must be presented and redeem at the counter, once the voucher is redeemed/confirmed, the discount will be deducted from your purchases.  Ticket’s once redeemed will be removed from the app, as being claimed!

FITS 2019 Wristband Holders can redeem a wristband from venues, these will be valid for all secret events, and to confirm entry at all FITS Events.

How do we find out more?

We think we have covered everything! But if there are any questions?

Tenerife Buzz: info@tenerife.buzz

Boogie Bunker Radio/BBR Tenerife: boogiebunkerradio@gmail.com

Travel information: Gemma Holderness: gemma.holderness@travelcounsellors.com