Lenny Fontana joins the BBR Team!!

Boogie Bunker Radio in its continued quest to bring our listeners worldwide, the best music and the best radio on your dial. We continue to bring you the best music from live events worldwide, and recently broadcasted Fun in the Sun 2019 from Tenerife.

This event was headlined by Camera Soul, Terry Farley & Legendary US DJ Lenny Fontana. Lenny has played in some of the most famous venues around the world, and Lenny is still on the road as we speak.

Lenny Fontana ‘Under the Stars’ Finca Serena, Tenerife.

Each week Lenny explores one of his passions? Radio and always finds an hour wherever he is in the world, to record his weekly show… Karmic Records Owner, and Superstar DJ brings his weekly show to Boogie Bunker Radio & BBR Tenerife 87.7FM.

Lenny recently spent a week with the BBR team in Tenerife, for FITS 2019! It was clear then, that he had found a home for his weekly show, and Boogie Bunker Radio are proud to be able to bring this show, to it’s ever growing audience.

Lenny Fontana on BBR

Every Thursday 4-5pm (GMT) on BBR Tenerife 87.7FM & Worldwide on www.boogiebunkerradio,com Commencing 28th February 2019.

We are also adding some new Members to our BBR Tenerife Team! Oliver Robles has been a featured member of the team, as alongside his Brother Aitor (Robles). they make up ‘2 Robles’. Oliver will join BBR on a Wednesday 10-11pm (GMT), while Aitor’s ‘Sunsets’ will now be on Saturday at Sunset! 6-7pm (GMT).

2 Robles

We haven’t finished…

Saturday will see Andre Fabrikk bring his brand of Tenerife Boogie to BBR in the mix, and the odd Guest to sit in on his 2 hour journey in to Andre’s Beach Club, of funky music! 12-2pm (GMT) Every Saturday Lunch time, from Sunny Tenerife.

Yes.. More..

Manchester & France are not normally linked, unless there is a game of soccer!! But Biniroks from Manchester  & Redbill from France, came together after a season in Ibiza, and now based in Tenerife. Every Sunday the will bring them together as ‘LOS DOS‘ with their ‘2 to the Groove’ Show 12am-1pm (GMT), Bring the best in House! Deep, Nu disco, funky, Vocal.

Biniroks & Redbill

Boogie Bunker Radio in partnership with Tenerife Buzz, have been working in Tenerife to increase the range of our Transmission across Tenerife. We have been working with partnerships in Tenerife, and we can announce the BBR Tenerife 87.7FM, will gain an additional frequency (announced shortly). Which will give coverage to the whole of Tenerife, and La Palma.

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BBR Tenerife, will become the Islands Newest National Radio Station. Broadcasting across the whole of Tenerife from March 2019. We would like to thank, all our partnership’s in making this transition possible.

We would also like to thank the people of Tenerife for giving the Station, its continued support by locking each day.. And making the station a huge success in Tenerife, and Worldwide online.

17th – 24th January 2020

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