As we come to the end of 2019, We at Boogie Bunker Radio would like to thank all our listeners worldwide, as well as our Station in Tenerife.  We have come a long way in the last 12 months, with the expansion of our frequencies across Tenerife. Recently BBR Tenerife, has expanded in DAB (9C) which can be heard across the south of the island.  It is hoped that during 2020 BBR Tenerife will continue to increase this across Tenerife, giving our listeners the best quality sound.

2019 saw a return of ‘Soulful Sunday’s’ in Herne Bay, the first FITS ‘Spring Break’ brought us to Tenerife for Spring holiday’s.  Station DJ’s Travelled the world from Doha, to Reading (UK)!! Bringing it to our listeners LIVE!  We will continue to follow this philosophy into 2020.

We would like to thank our listeners for their continued support, and hope that you will continue to spread the word, and the BBR name.

January 2020 See’s the 3rd Annual Fun in the Sun 2020 (FITS 2020), in Tenerife.   As always we want to bring the sounds of the station to the people.  This event has grown over the years, and last year saw the event hold its biggest crowds to date. It is our hope that we will exceed those numbers, with wristbands being sold as far afield as Israel, with a UK, and Spanish contingency which we welcome each year.  This year we bring to Tenerife Andy Carroll(UK), and once again by popular demand Terry Farley(UK), With US DJ Legend Lenny Fontana! Backed up by the Team from BBR UK & BBR Tenerife.

FITS 2020

Boogie Bunker Radio will continue to bring you the best shows, and in 2019 we welcomed new members to the team DJ Woody, Sacred Boogie, DJ Jocky, Lenny Fontana, Paul ‘Pezzer’ Perry, DJ Alexia, Ki KKO, as well as our Station Manager (UK), Sara Jane Rundel.

We continue to aim to bring you the best music in 2020, and beyond..

From the Team at Boogie Bunker Radio (Worldwide).

See you in…


Boogie Bunker Radio

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