Boogie Bunker Radio returns to the Island of Tenerife, for a week of LIVE Radio broadcasts.

Broadcasting Live from venues which include, Hard Rock Cafe (Top Terrace), Finca Serena (Grandilla), Parque Santiago (Loft Coffee & Food), 2 Touch Studio’s(El Madino), as well as a Secret Location!!

Live Broadcasts will take place on Boogie Bunker Radio as follows:

Sunday 3rd June 2018 3pm-5pm(GMT) Live from Hard Rock Cafe (Top Terrace)                                                                                                                               5pm-9pm(GMT) Live from Finca Serena (Grandilla)

Tuesday 5th June          12pm-3pm(GMT) Live from Secret Location (Calleo)

Wednesday 6th June    3pm-7pm(GMT) Live from Hard Rock Cafe (Top Terrace)

Thursday 7th June         2pm-7pm(GMT) Live from 2 Touch Studios (Mega Competition draw)

Friday 8th June               3pm-8pm(GMT) Live from Parque Santiago 6 (Loft Coffee & Food)

Saturday 9th June        12pm-2pm(GMT) LIVE from Secret Location  (Calleo)

Not only will BBR be live from these events, we have a host of LIVE shows from Tenerife.  Check the BBR Schedule for updates!

Mega Competition!!

We have been posting this flyer on our social media sites…

January 2019

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Do this and we will enter you into a draw which takes place LIVE on Boogie Bunker Radio on Thursday 7th June 2018 at 2pm(GMT) LIVE! from Tenerife.  And you can win a trip for 2 (Flights & Accommodation) to Tenerife between the 18th-25th January 2019 for “Fun in the Sun 2019”.  So don’t miss your chance to Join the Team from Boogie Bunker Radio, in Tenerife in 2019, for some winter sun.

Coming Soon….

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