Boogie Bunker Radio would like to announce our official partnership with Tenerife Buzz.

Tenerife Buzz is an innovative new app for Tenerife. With all you need to know about Tenerife, in your pocket!

Tenerife Buzz is not only a Free! Business listing service.. It gives the business user the ability to not only upgrade their listing, but to upgrade to a featured listing, and adding additional functions!  It can be a ticketing/voucher agency, selling your tickets direct to the public, with the use of very clever QR Code Functionality! User’s of the app can therefore purchase tickets/vouchers Worldwide, before travelling to the Island.

Tenerife Buzz the app features the latest ‘Google Maps’ Technology, therefore there user of the app, can never get lost? The ‘Drop a Pin’ function will be invaluable to the first time traveller. Forgot where you left your hire car the night before? ‘Drop your pin’ when you park! Arranged to meet your friends? Drop a pin, and let ‘Google’ take you there!

Tenerife Buzz will be the first app to enjoy its own Radio StationBoogie Bunker Radio will have a fixed link on the app, and therefore your mobile device will also bring you the best music 24 hours a dayTenerife enjoys around 7 Million visitors each year, and this all in one app is a must for any Traveller, Resident, Business, or for someone who enjoys great music!

Boogie Bunker Radio & Tenerife Buzz bring you ‘Fun in the Sun 2019’ in Tenerife.

Every January, Boogie Bunker Radio travel to Tenerife for a week of LIVE Broadcasts across Tenerife. January 2019 will be no exception!  Venues confirmed: Hard Rock Cafe, Serena Finca, Loft, Coffee & Food (Parque Santiago 6), and More.  A host of DJ’s from not only From Boogie Bunker Radio (UK), But our Team from Boogie Bunker Radio (Tenerife).  But for 2019 we have Special Guests; Italian Jazz-Funk Band ‘Camera Soul’.

Camera Soul will Join Boogie Bunker Radio for 2 nights at the Legendary ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ (Los Americas).

With Boogie Bunker Radio planning to join the FM Airwaves of Tenerife in 2019!  FITS 2019 is shaping up into something really special.

FITS 2019 Wristband holders will have full access to a wide range of discounts, not only at venues, but across the island of Tenerife! via the Tenerife Buzz app! Making savings on your trip to Tenerife, all bookable before you get on the plane!!




The Boogie Bunker Radio Team have been playing with a demo for about a week! Tenerife Buzz have stated that there will be a working BETA in NovemberBusiness’ can sign up now! for your free listing and be part of the Beta launch (and get a sneak preview of your listing.. first).

Boogie Bunker Radio’s Partnership will see BBR access some of those 7 Million Travellers to the glorious Island, that is Tenerife!  And with BBR Tenerife FM to follow in 2019!  We hope that this will help to firmly establish BBR in our second Home of Tenerife.

We wish Tenerife Buzz every success, and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.


Boogie Bunker Radio

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