Brand Expansion…


Boogie Bunker Radio has spent the last 3 years, building its Brand.

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, for the last 2 years.  The station that brought you ‘Less Chat – More Music!‘ has always had the goal of taking the station to a worldwide market.  Although, based in Kent (UK).  The vision for the station has always been to look to a Global marketplace.  The tagline of ‘Less Chat – More Music’ has helped to break the language barriers, and with the use of adverts, Jingles, and a handful of shows, which include chat!  Music had done most of the talking on our station.

From the inception of BBR, we have linked with FM Stations in Spain, Canary Islands, and the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean. We will continue to make use of these networks, as this helps to maintain the stations footings, in these regions.  While continuing to broadcast worldwide online.

Boogie Bunker Radio has always been at the forefront, when it comes to LIVE Broadcasting!  From its launch in 2016, BBR has Broadcast Live from a number of Festivals, Weekenders, and events from around the world.  As well as events, Shows have been presented from across Europe, and from as far afield as the Caribbean.  Boogie Bunker Radio is committed to continuing to bring our listeners, not only the best music, but from the best Live events.

In 2017 Boogie Bunker Radio hosted the 1st event in Tenerife (Spain), ‘Fun in the Sun’.  This brought together BBR Presenters from both the UK & Tenerife, for 7 days of Events across the South of the Island.  In 2018 FITS was assisted by Good Morning Tenerife The Tourist Guide & Information Magazine, based in Tenerife.  Which alongside our previous relationships on the Island, with the likes of the Hard Rock Cafe (FITS Host Venue), Le Club (Beach Party), & SkyBar. 

Boogie Bunker Radio has not only build a great working relationship with the people of Tenerife, now have a host of Presenters on the station who are based in Tenerife.  This has made the planning of ‘Fun in the Sun 2019’ not only easier, but we are able to market the event on Tenerife, more effectively.  We will continue to actively collaborate with other Brands, and companies in Tenerife to insure that we not only bring you a great event in January, but broadcast live from some of the most stunning locations in the world.


Boogie Bunker Radio will return to Tenerife, for a series of events in June 2018 (see events page).  Bringing together DJ’s from the UK & Tenerife, and the best in Soul & Dance music in locations across the south of the island.  These events will be broadcast LIVE on Boogie Bunker Radio, and some events will be Live Streamed from Tenerife! Via our partners, We hope that other brands and business’ will see this as an opportunity to make use of our advertising, and promotional tools which come with Radio.  We also have available space for advertising across all media associated with BBR, including social media platforms.

We also seek to collaborate with Community groups, who feel that Boogie Bunker Radio can aid their cause, and the communities where our Presenters, and guest DJ’s reside.

The station that brings you your daily helping of across the board Soul & Dance music, hope to continue to bring you a station that is not too hard to listen to, and continue to bring you the best from both Independent artists & DJ’s.  Alongside some great events from somewhere near you?

Your feedback is important to us, and we want to hear your views! After all, it’s your station? Let us know: 


Boogie Bunker Radio