Boogie Bunker Radio/BBR Tenerife would like to thank our listeners for your continued support during this difficult period. We would especially like to thank our listeners in Tenerife, as well as our DJ’s currently under ‘Lockdown’. We have, and will continue to broadcast 24 hours a day, and LIVE broadcast from the UK & Tenerife will continue, due to our format.

In addition, during this period of lockdown, some presenters will broadcast from ‘Home Studio’s’. This will in no way effect the sound quality of broadcasts, and we will continue to Broadcast in Tenerife, on our listed frequencies, and DAB(9C) across the south of the island. We will also continue to Broadcast worldwide online.

Further We have noticed that there are a lot of DJ’s who are out of work, and Streaming? We plan to open up some ‘Guest Mix’ Slots in our Schedule.. So Send us those mixes (max 1 hour), and we shall run them over the coming days and weeks

It is our duty as a broadcaster not only to entertain! But also to inform! Therefore we will be working in Partnership with Tenerife Buzz, to keep our social media pages updated with information that may be relevant to both Residents & Tourists in Tenerife. We shall also have LIVE updates daily at Midday (GMT/Tenerife), During our daily show ‘Woody’s World’.

It is important that during this period, that we keep ourselves safe, but look out for others. Get information from reliable news sources. And follow the rules!!

BBR will be here to see you through, these difficult times!

Boogie Bunker Radio/BBR Tenerife

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